Big events in sports are big opportunities to study the players, their uniform details, patches etc. Also a good time to see what the cameramen focus on. Then I get a chance to interpret the essence of a big sports moment.

Two more sports art projects with their own television ads.

Web Sites are updates and  have new features.These sites should look good on phones and hand held devices.

I am challenged by the professionalism of my client John at

Keeping up with the art is easy. Keeping up with my clients is the challenge.

A Jordy Nelson Art Football is next plus some World Series Art.


Aaron Judge art bat

Aaron Judge holding my bat

Another Art Bat from Aaron Judge signed some of the Art Bats at the Yankee clubhouse. I understand his team mates liked the bats also.

Another Jolene Jessie portrait.

David Ortiz Art Bat

To commemorate the career and retirement of David Ortiz, I was asked to paint a portrait of Big Papi. reproduced my painting on beautiful etched black Marucci bats.  An edition of 5000 Art Bats went on sale  June 23rd.

Black bats are so attractive and the etching is really snappy. Not to mention my painting looks good reproduced…

David Ortiz also received a Jessie hand painted commemorative bat. I believe he will use his painted bat as an auction item to raise money for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.  or

Thank you Big Time Bats for the opportunity to work on such a great and worthwhile project.

Man Cave mention on Smiley

Thanks Smiley. The words Man Cave associated with my name is a good thing!

Sports Man Cave. Painted By Jolene Jessie Sports Man Cave

Man Cave on Smiley


Upper Deck – Tony Gwynn project

Upper Deck project- 13 Tony Gwynn portraits on San Diego Padres jerseys. The same pose painted on each jersey. I’m holding one finished painting and a painting in progress. Although I painted Michael Jordan most for Upper Deck, they also asked for paintings of Kobe, LeBron, Gwynn and other athletes.


Roy Campanella painted homeplate

A regulation baseball home plate is the canvas for this painting. Roy Campanella signed this home plate, twice. His hand shook and the first signature was hard to read. He passed away not long after this based was signed.

My client asked for a portrait that displayed these special signatures. He also asked for a painting that showed Campanella’s career. Campanella was a catcher in the Negro League, the Mexican League and the with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The catcher is the brains of the baseball field and many become coaches and managers.


Manny Pacquiao painted boxing gloves

Paintings on boxing gloves, Manny Pacquiao painted on twenty four gloves with various backgrounds. Manny signed all of these gloves. I still have some available. Any takers? This photo was shot by Ed Mulholland, a very good sports photographer, at Jack Gallery in Las Vegas, NV in 2009 on the weekend of a big MGM Grand match. .


Michael Jordan jersey painted for Upper Deck


An Upper Deck Authenticated project. I painted 23 jerseys with this one pose. Over the years I have painted hundreds of Michael Jordan jerseys for Upper Deck. Their contract with Michael Jordan insures that the signature is real, “Authenticated”. Being the Upper Deck-Michael Jordan jersey artist is a big deal. Thank you Theo Chen for contacting me years ago And Thank you Linda Castillon for being so fair. You two were great project managers.